Our mission is clear. We aim to be Australasia’s leading provider of high quality, developmental and educational childcare services.

Founded on four fundamental pillars of growth and sustainability, we are committed to improving the lives of our children, employees and the community we are invested in.  For this reason, G8 Education was founded in 2006 bringing together a team of dedicated professionals driven to deliver specialised expertise in Infant Care, Playgroup, Nursery, Kindergarten and Student Care.

With over 200 Centres established all across Australia, and more than 50 Centres conveniently located island wide in Singapore, our childcare services are primed to provide enriching and reliable care and education to families who want the best outcomes for their infants and pre-schoolers.


Our Brands CHERIE HEARTS, OUR JUNIORS’ SCHOOLHOUSE, and BRIGHT JUNIORS each offers a unique curriculum that caters to the holistic nurturing of children by engaging their minds and bodies actively. Our stimulating programmes encourage our little ones to inquire and explore the world around them. Our children are progressively prepared to anticipate new challenges with poise and confidence.